The record, that has until now only been available on compact disc, has now been brought to the internet, is a masterpiece of two ingenious man, living several hundred years apart of one another, but both of them brilliant in their own field of work. 
The first man is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a composer from the 18th-century, whom we all know of, so all that is necessary to tell about him, is that one of his sonatas 
(Piano Sonata no. 9 in a minor, KV 310 (E 300d) (1778) 1. Allegro maestoso, to be exact) had an explosive impact on young man, who we now know only as Wolfgang Amadeus Metwurst. 
Very little is known about W.A. Metwurst. From the few pages found, that is left of his diaries, we can tell that he was convinced that the music of Mozart was universal, and thus be found in all the resonance around us. 
Being a brilliant scientist and a gifted musician he started on a very ambitious journey: Find the music of Mozart in the world of noise around us. And the results of that journey, is now in your hands.
The tracks on the albums are mostly recorded “on the field”, around the world, with different devices in different situations. Track names are mostly also very self-explanatory, 
and thus are in no need for extra explanation, but also very little is known, of the origin of the tracks, apart from their names. Being also a very gifted engineer W.A. Metwurst is known to have build 
various recording devices to catch what he was looking for, in this, lays also his greatest opponent. Many have claim, that the likeness we find in his recordings, and in the work Mozart, are infact the equipment he used, 
and because of that, there is no way of falsifying his work.  All one can say, that is certain, is that what we hear is arguably one of the most interesting works ever made in the field of music and recorded sound effects.
The last track is an addition of the re-mastering group, and it was found in the study of Metwurst. Known to be, one of his later works, from the years that he worked together with the Beatles, and was very much influenced by them, 
it is a compilation track of the other tracks heard on the album. It is, as he said himself “a blind man stumbling towards God” trying to capture the voice of God, in the form of music of Mozart, in world of sounds around us.
It has been a great honor to work on a project of this magnitude, and we, the whole re-mastering group, hope that you will get as much joy and insightful ideas, as we have had, from listening to this magnificient album.
-The re-mastering group

01 Street musicians play, in the echoes of buildings around him.mp3
02 Echoes in sand.mp3
03 Underground [after nuclear meltdown].mp3
04 Different instruments played wrongly in a large hall.mp3
05 Noises of an scientologistic machine.mp3
06 Technical rehearsal of a robot [song, a minor].mp3
07 Machine playing chess against Yuri Kasparov.mp3
08 Wind on a field of glass [high frequency recording].mp3
09 Children getting leukaemia from living too close a nuclear power plant.mp3
10 Swimming hall renewals [underwater].mp3
11 Modern dancing.mp3
12 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome trough an electromagnetoscope.mp3
13 Engines braking [space shuttle, electronic drill, train, electronic model car].mp3
14 Laughter inside stomachneurons.mp3
15 Child hitting keyboard repeatedly.mp3
16 Putting it all together now.mp3

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